Posted On November 25, 2012

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finally it ends up in here..
i am dying…
i am broke..holding this broken heart..
loosing in faith..
loosing this tie that tied me on my world..

why this happen..happen in this time..
loosing and regret is really good combination..
combination of love, friendship and faith..
why is faith in last orders..?
because is because of you..


Proud Become Your Son..

Posted On Agustus 1, 2010

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hmm..gag tau setelah sekian lama nyimpen pengalaman ini kayaknya sekarang saatnya yang tepat buat nulis cerita ini ke blog. Terutama setelah ngalamin sakit di ibu kota ini tanpa ditemeni orang2 dekat,,trus ditambah lagi habis mbaca naruto chapter 504 yang mengharukan banget..huhuhu sampe buat nyaris nangis mbacanya.. Buat penggemar naruto yang ngikutin,,sudah keluar naruto chapter 504 di http://www.narutofan.com..

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There is a change

Posted On Juli 22, 2010

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There is a change about you..

I don’t know if the changes is becouse of me or other reason , but I felt there is a change about her response from some of our conversation.

Maybe just my fellings about the changes but there is strong reason made me believe that is some changes about her to me. Sometimes in our conversation she encourage me to more taft and stronger..give me some reason to made me believe that i had in right way..Now i have felt if she just satle mince to me..just response my conversation in little words..there is no more story about her interest experiance and debate about our principle..

Hmm maybe the changes indeed about my statements..but i think it is just a statements that I have say to her..and there is no regret about it. I won’t be cheated again.. I must tell her about my thoughts.

I am sorry if about my statements which is have  made her not comfot..i did not mean to do that..

Become a student again

Posted On Mei 9, 2010

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Fiuuhh.. after 2 month retired from students activity I must prepared myself again to back to college. The most hard thing for me is the subject of the study now is really..really new for me.

Flashback again from time that I accepted on Officer Development Program Mandiri Bank (one of  biggest Indonesia State Bank) , I know that must to be hard becoming a student again on really..really new subjects. My background study is computer science that is far..far away from subject that now I must studied, Banking System.

I took all of these experience for my future.. I know that I can.. Hope this is the best way for me and my future.

Long Journey to ODP Bank Mandiri

Posted On April 12, 2010

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huuh..lama rasanya gak ada bahasa indonesia di bloq ini..bukannya mau nyombong pake bahasa inggris trus..tapi emang tuntutan tugas harus ngepost postingan pake bahasa inggris..anyway mungkin bisa diliat dari postingan yang sudah ada kalo bahasa inggris saya ancur..wkwkwkwk..

Pada saat menjalani serangkaian test ODP, saya sudah bernazar kalo seandainya lulus, bakal nulis pengalaman saya selama mengikuti test dengan harapan temen2 yang juga sedang mengikuti atau hendak mengikuti tes ODP memiliki sedikit gambaran.

Buat temen2 yang mampir ke blog ini dengan tujuan untuk mencari kita dan tips ODP mandiri..saya mohon maaf sebelumnya karena harus membaca postingan saya yang terlalu bertele-tele ini (itupun kalo pada mau mbaca..wkwkwk) (Read More)

Little-little Step

Posted On Oktober 27, 2009

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Last night my father came to me bring me an clipping from his favorite newspaper. After i look at the clipping and read on flash, I know that the clipping tell about Erasmus Mundus Scholarship offers scholarship for students from third country like Indonesia. I think this is a great chance to became an abroad student in Europe. I notes the url link an would take a look tommorow.

Today  I have take look some courses which is offered by Erasmus Mundus. There are some program be related with my field , computer science . One of them is NORDSECMOB – Masters programme in Security and Mobile Computing and MAPNET – Masters on Photonic Networks engineering .

For the firs time i attracted with course that offered by NORDSECMOB but the admission deadline is December 1 2009 and i am not ready especially with the English certificate ex TOEFL or IELTS. The minimum requirement is 550 for TOEFL or 6.5 for IELTS. My TOEFL score just for 507 and I still join a TOEFL Preparation Course to gain a higher TOEFL score. MAPNET deadline is January, 10 2010 . I think i still have a chance for MAPNET.  I know that is a great challenge to get 550 TOEFL fora m0nth.  Yeah life must go on and everyone must struggle to reach their dream. Jiayou

First Step to became paid reviewer

Posted On Oktober 25, 2009

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What dou you think about paid reviewer? May be if you ask that question 1 day ago to me, i can’t ansewr that question. But now i already know about what is a paid reviewer, thank a lot to my lecturer that have explain to me what is a paid reviewer. Of course he can explain to me about paid reviewer becaouse he is have beem long time became a paid reviewer so we can called him a senior paid reviewer.

The first thing that attacted me to became a paid reviewer is the easy way to get money. He have told to me about 200$ income /month. What a big money! i think. Just after he explain a short step to me to became a paid reviewer , i get to try it.  The first thing that you should have to became a paid reviewer is a blog. Your blog have alive in the internet for 3 month and then you should sign up an account to some broker for example is blovertise or blogvertiser whom would give you a job.

Week 7

In this time, I have given a description of ERD in subjects ADSI. But I see some gaffe in ERD  . Here is the ERD :
from the picture above, we can see 2  awkwardness that is:
1. no cardinality between PART and PROJECT
2. Ternary relation between TANGGUNGAN and PROJECT

Week 6


Database design process (review):
– Gather user needs / business
– Develop a needs-based ER Model user / business
– Convert E-R model to the set of relations –> tables in database
– Normalisasikan relations, to remove anomalies
– Implemented to create a database with a table for each relationship that is  normalization
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Week 5

Posted On April 19, 2009

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Definition of the database:

A set of data stored in the magnetic disk, optical disk or other secondary storage

Collection of integrated data-related data of an enterprise (company, government or private)

Manufacturing companies -> data production planning, actual production data, data ordering materials, etc.

Hospital -> patient data, doctor, nurse, etc.

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