Week 1

Posted On Februari 20, 2009

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Wuihh..gila rek..hampir 2 tahun gak nulis blog..untung sik aktif ni blog..:D

Sik..sik sekarang ini mesti pake bahasa inggris ngblognya..:D

Oke..oke jadi kita akan mulai pake bahasa inggris.., Jadi saat ini kita akan membahas tentang ADSI…”eit..eit mas..kok pake bahasa indonesia?”…hehehe

Ok…now start writing in english..:D

Let us start about ADSI..!
Do you know what is ADSI?..wekekeke..That is funny acronym if we remove the “D”..:D
Yes..right..ADSI is acronym from Analisis dan Desain Sistem Informasi..one of more course that I was take..

Ok let we discuss about what is System and Information.

Why we must discuss that first?
Yeah..from information that i was get from my lecturer..before we discuss how to design information system..first we must
understand what is System and Information..

Ok first..What is System?

from Jogiyanto,Analisis dan Desain Sistem Informasi that is 2 approachment to define what is System..

1. From procedure Approach
System is network from procedure-procedure where they are connected and working together to reach the same goal.

Now..what is procedure?..:D
from the same books..procedure is described as :
treads from step-step instruction that’s describe What is must to do ,Who is do that , when that is must to do and how they must to do.

2. From elemen Approach
System is elemen-elemen that is gathered and work together to reach the same goal.

And the one is important to see is :
sasaran(objective) is jangka pendek
tujuan (goal) is jangka panjang

And after we know about definition from system..there is many characteristics from System.

The characteristics is:

  1. component
  2. boundary
  3. environments
  4. interface
  5. input
  6. output
  7. process
  8. objective/goal

The most important item from characteristics of system is objective/goal. A System must have objective or goal . If they have no goal/objective to reach..there is useless we build that system.

There i am have a picture to show how relationship from characteristics in system


Maybe i can explain some example from component’s of system,,

The environments of system

The environments of system can take some effects to system. They can have a good effect or bad effect.

for example : In a town with some of supermarkets. If one of them have sold some item with a more cheap price from the other supermarkets..there is an bad environment for supermarkets in  that town.

There are many example to illustrate characteristics from system..,, Do you have some other example??..:D

And then after characteristics , let us discuss about classification of system. From Jogiyanto,Analisis dan Desain Sistem Informasi , there are four classification of system..there is :

1. Abstract System and Physical System

Abstract system is system which in the form of ideas. Example teologia system, system which in the form ideas about relation between human with God.

Physical System is existing system physically. For example, computer system, accounting system, etc.

2. Natural System and Human made System

Natural system is system that happened through by natural process, do not be made human being. For example earth rotation, eclipse, etc.

Human made system is design system by human being. Interaction between human with machine to make a system is called man-machine-system. For Example information system.

3. Deterministic System and Probabilistic System

A deterministic system is a conceptual model of the philosophical doctrine of determinism applied to a system for understanding everything that has and will occur in the system, based on the physical outcomes of causality.

A probabilistic syetem is a system which condition of its future can’t prediction because containing probability element.

4. Closed System and Open System

In reality there no really closed system, existing is relatively closed system. Open system is relation between system and affect system of its external environment.

Ok…enough for system..:D


What do you think about information??

Yes..i have some opinion with you..hehehe

Information is some data which have been processed to make they more usefull for who will receive the data.

Has you have different opinion with me?..

There is a cycle to process some data into information..for more easy to understand..i have a picture to illustrate the cycle..


To explain the picture i  have some illustrate for you..

For example Supermarket A have an information system ..ok may be POS (point of sale) more familiar  .

  • the first step the manager will reach some information from the POS data. Ok..let we assume sale of banana is good for 3 last month.
  • from that information the manager can take some decision..there is the supermarket will provide more kinds of banana.
  • from that decision..the manager can look the effect from POS’s data of this month sale of banana.
  • And from the new data which will be processed to information the manager can take some decision to  improve next month sale.

To classify the information , we can look from the quality of information . There are some parameter to assesing information. The parameters is :


Accurate means information have to free from mistakes and do not mislead

– Timeliness

Timeless means incoming information may not lose time.


Relevance means the information must have benefit for its receiver.

this is the logic to get information :

A information told valuable, if its benefit more effective compared to expense to get it. Its will very is difficult measured by set of money value. Measurement value of information is usually attributed to analysis of cost effectiveness or cost benefit.

Ok enough for Week 1..see you later at Week2…:D


2 Responses to “Week 1”

  1. Agus Sanjaya

    First of all this is academic writing so you need to be serious and remove unnecessary writings such as hehehe, etc. If you want to write in English don’t write any Indonesian because if you mix them both it will be very confusing for the reader. Last, you need to check your grammar or use the easiest tool such as Spelling and Grammar checker in Microsoft Word.

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