First Step to became paid reviewer

Posted On Oktober 25, 2009

Filed under Basa-Basi

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What dou you think about paid reviewer? May be if you ask that question 1 day ago to me, i can’t ansewr that question. But now i already know about what is a paid reviewer, thank a lot to my lecturer that have explain to me what is a paid reviewer. Of course he can explain to me about paid reviewer becaouse he is have beem long time became a paid reviewer so we can called him a senior paid reviewer.

The first thing that attacted me to became a paid reviewer is the easy way to get money. He have told to me about 200$ income /month. What a big money! i think. Just after he explain a short step to me to became a paid reviewer , i get to try it.  The first thing that you should have to became a paid reviewer is a blog. Your blog have alive in the internet for 3 month and then you should sign up an account to some broker for example is blovertise or blogvertiser whom would give you a job.


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