There is a change

Posted On Juli 22, 2010

Filed under Basa-Basi

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There is a change about you..

I don’t know if the changes is becouse of me or other reason , but I felt there is a change about her response from some of our conversation.

Maybe just my fellings about the changes but there is strong reason made me believe that is some changes about her to me. Sometimes in our conversation she encourage me to more taft and stronger..give me some reason to made me believe that i had in right way..Now i have felt if she just satle mince to me..just response my conversation in little words..there is no more story about her interest experiance and debate about our principle..

Hmm maybe the changes indeed about my statements..but i think it is just a statements that I have say to her..and there is no regret about it. I won’t be cheated again.. I must tell her about my thoughts.

I am sorry if about my statements which is have  made her not comfot..i did not mean to do that..


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